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Here, at L.A. Egg Donors, we could not be more excited and thrilled to walk along the path to parenthood with you!

The generous act of an egg donor helps facilitate an amazing possibility for deserving couples and individuals to become parents.

All of our egg donors are fully pre-screened medically prior to being part of our donor list and ready for a match. Selecting an egg donor is one of the most important first steps you will encounter during the egg donation process.

Egg Donation is generally anonymous, although you will be able to view a detailed online profile of the donor that also includes approximately 15 to 20 photos. Some egg donors may agree to a semi-open donation, have a one-time meeting, or at times (not very common) participate in an open donation with the intended parents.

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How long does the egg donation process take?
On average, the egg donation process takes about 2-3 months. The timeline could be reduced if your are choosing to use frozen eggs.

If I am not local to Los Angeles, could I be monitored close to my house at a fertility center before I fly over for the embryo transfer?
Certainly! We do our best to accommodate our clients’ needs and are aware most cannot travel for extensive periods of time.

Can I access the egg donor profiles online for free?
Yes, anyone can gain free access by filling out the parent registration form located here.

Will the egg donor have any rights towards the baby to be born?
No, the egg donor does not have any legal rights towards the baby to be born. A legal contract is signed by which she relinquishes the rights to her eggs in favor of the recipient couple or individual she is donating for.

Does L.A. Egg Donors work with single individuals or same-sex couples?
Absolutely! We believe that anyone who dreams of having a family should have one.

The Process


Fill out our initial registration form to start the process and browse donor profiles free of charge. Your login information will be promptly sent to you upon registration.


Our coordinators will assist with browsing our available egg donor profiles and guide you through signing the paperwork necessary to confirm an official donor match.

Legal Contract

Before the Egg Donor starts any medication, a detailed legal contract is required to be signed in order to protect the rights of both parties. Our independent attorney network is there to assist with all that is needed.


Dates are being set up for starting medication, monitoring appointments, egg retrieval, and embryo transfer. Travel plans will need to be made at this time if you are located outside of Los Angeles.

Egg Retrieval & Fertilization

The Egg Donor will undergo her egg retrieval on the scheduled day, followed by the fertilization process. The newly created embryos will be tested for any chromosome abnormalities (PGS).

Embryo Transfer

Now that the embryos have been created and tested, the intended recipient will undergo a transfer. Ten days later, a pregnancy test will reveal the first news regarding a possible pregnancy. What an exciting time!

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