The Path Forward

The Path and Process

We have multiple options in donors and surrogates depending on your needs. For donors we have either eggs from fresh donor cycles or Egg Bank eggs available. For surrogates, we have first time and repeat surrogates, surrogates located in California, and surrogates that will carry either a singleton or twin pregnancy. You name the qualification you want and we will find a donor and/or surrogate that meets your needs.


Fresh Donor eggs

With a fresh donor cycle you select your donor from one of our available donors. Once contracts and legal are signed, your donor begins her egg retrieval cycle. She will take 10-14 days of hormonal medications to stimulate her ovaries. At the end of the cycle the eggs are retrieved and fertilized. In a fresh donor cycle the eggs are not frozen and thawed before fertilization. Fertilization happens when the eggs are retrieved. We can fertilize with fresh or frozen sperm.

Egg Bank eggs

With Egg Bank eggs the donor has already gone through an egg retrieval and the eggs are frozen and stored at our location. When you are ready to move forward all you have to do is select your donor and provide a sperm sample for fertilization. We can fertilize on a day that is convenient for you, without you having to coordinate with the donor’s cycle. Fertilization can happen with fresh or frozen sperm.
All donor eggs are retrieved here at our Los Angeles facility whether you select a fresh donor cycle or Egg Bank eggs.


Step 1: Choose your donor

Select from either a fresh donor cycle or Egg Bank eggs.

Step 2: Fertilize eggs

With a fresh donor cycle we will fertilize the eggs at the time of egg retrieval. With Egg Bank eggs we can fertilize at whatever time is convenient for you. In both scenarios sperm can be provided fresh on the day of or we can freeze the sperm ahead of time and have it thawed for fertilization. We see similar success rates with either option. We can also use donor sperm that is shipped to our facility. We will help you choose a sperm donor if you need that service as well.

Step 3: PGS test embryos at Day 5 or 6 of development

After the fertilized embryos make it to Day 5 or 6 the embryos will be biopsied and sent for PGS testing. While we wait for the PGS results the embryos are then frozen before the frozen embryo transfer (FET). During PGS testing the embryos are tested for any chromosomal abnormalities as well as the sex. This ensures that only the healthiest embryos will be transferred during the FET.

Step 4: Select a surrogate (is using a surrogate, if not skip to step 8)

Choose from our vast list of surrogates. We have many choices when it comes to surrogates. You name your qualification and we will find her!

Step 5: Medical and psychological screening of surrogate

Your surrogate will be medically and psychologically screened to ensure her ability to carry a healthy pregnancy.

Step 6: Work with lawyer on surrogate contract

We work with lawyers with years of experience in surrogacy that will arrange the best contract for you. We want both you and your surrogate to feel comfortable with the contract agreed upon.

Step 7: Initiate escrow

All funds for the entire surrogate process will be held in a separate escrow account. It is not held by our office. This protects your funds and through the help of an escrow lawyers payments will be made out of escrow when needed.

Step 8: Prepare for embryo transfer (Surrogate or Self)

Either you or your surrogate will start preparing for the Frozen Embryo Transfer. There will be 3-4 weeks of preparing the uterus before embryo transfer.

Step 9: Frozen Embryo Transfer (FET)

Either you or your surrogate will transfer 1 or 2 PGS tested embryos into the uterus. 10 days later we can test for pregnancy

Step 10: Pregnancy monitoring

If you are using a surrogate we will make sure you are updated throughout the whole pregnancy.

Step 11: Delivery

If using a surrogate we will arrange for the pre-birth order and visas (if necessary for Intended Parents that live out of the country).

When you are ready to move forward please call us at (818) 276-0386 or email us at