Our Packages

We offer multiple donor egg packages for your specific needs

All of our donor eggs are retrieved at our location in Los Angeles. They are not shipped here after collection overseas. They are collected right here at our facility.

The eggs can be shipped to your clinic of choice before or after fertilization.

8 Egg Package

  • 8 mature eggs from a pre-screened donor
  • Good for 1 possibly 2 children

12 Egg Package

  • 12 mature eggs from pre-screened donor
  • Consider this package if male factor infertility is present
  • Good if you desire 2 or more children

Larger Packages available (and recommended) if specific gender is desired or PGD testing is needed for certain genetic disorders.

PGS Guarantee Package

  • In this package we guarantee at least 1 normal PGS tested embryo from mature donor eggs.* We will provide additional eggs as needed.
  • We are so confident in the quality donor eggs that we are able to make this guarantee. You will not find other agencies that can make you this promise.

Donor/Surrogate package

  • We can do a combined package if you will be using one of our donors and surrogates
  • Package can include everything needed for a successful donor and surrogate journeys, including but not limited to:
      • Fresh donor cycle or Egg Bank eggs
      • Medical services for donor if using fresh donor cycle
      • Fertilization of donor eggs
      • PGS testing of embryos
      • Surrogate selection, screening, and background check
      • Surrogate medical services (pre-transfer ultrasounds, bloodwork, Frozen Embryo Transfer procedure, pregnancy ultrasounds)
      • Surrogate Health and Life Insurance
      • Surrogate Legal and Escrow fees
      • Surrogate compensation, travel and lodging expenses